Dear Boval friends

The Boval hut is closed and says goodbye for a short spring break.

Thank you for visiting us last winter.

With pleasure we welcome you again from the 15.06.21.

Best regards Roberto Costa and team


Reservations can be made online

New GTC valid from 1.11.20

Covid News


The winter room is closed.

There are no sleeping or cooking facilities.

A shelter is available for emergencies.

Important information about the hut visit for summer 2021

  • Visit our hut only in healthy condition

  • Reserve your sleeping place - without reservation no overnight stay!

  • Bring a sleeping bag, pillowcase, towel and protective material (disinfectant, masks if necessary)

  • Currently there is a mask requirement

  • Take your trash back to the valley

         Protect yourself and others                                                 Federal Office of Public Health FOPH